What Does John Legend Cook for Chrissy Teigen?

Plus, his favorite meal of hers!

John Legend is a man of many talents. The singer, actor, musician and EGOT winner has proven that he can do just about anything. And while sitting down with him to chat about his partnership with Naked Juice and Wholesome Wave, a nonprofit that aims at making fresh produce more accessible, Legend revealed that those talents also extend to the kitchen.

“I make all kinds of things, I make things from [Chrissy’s] book for her,” he said. “Especially when she was pregnant — I would cook a lot more.”

His favorite recipe from her new cookbook, Cravings, Hungry for More? The Skillet Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies. It’s one of two recipes (the other also involving peanut butter) where Legend has a cameo in the introduction. In this ode to the cookie, Legend revealed his love for perfect marriage of chocolate and peanut butter.

Another favorite recipe is the French onion soup — a staple of Teigen’s that got a revamp in this new book. “It’s like this beautiful, gooey cheese with a croissant instead of regular bread… so it just makes it more buttery and decadent,” Legend said. “It’s so good. It’s soooo good.”

During our quick chat, Legend revealed a few other favorites. Guilty pleasure? Well, that would be ice cream. Favorite pic of Chrissy and Luna? Their matching avocado swimsuit pic. Favorite Food Network chef? Giada.

And, most importantly, ketchup or mustard? Ketchup. “It just depends, mustard is really versatile and good in a lot of things. But for French fries? Ketchup.”

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