Jay-Z Spent $110,000 on Food and Drinks in One Night

The bar tab included lots and lots of really expensive Champagne.

However you usually treat your friends on their birthdays, it’s probably not quite as well as Jay-Z treats his.

Last week the rapper and hip-hop entrepreneur (hip-hopreneur?) took a buddy out for his birthday and dropped more than $110,000 on dinner and drinks – mostly on drinks – Page Six reports.

Yeah, in some parts of the country you could buy a house for that. But nothing’s too good for a bestie, right?

To celebrate the 50th birthday of his pal Juan “OG” Perez, who is the president of Jay-Z’s sports agency Roc Nation Sports, Jay-Z treated Perez and some other Roc Nation honchos, as well as a few other close friends, to dinner at the high-end Japanese restaurant Zuma, in midtown Manhattan, where they racked up a $13,000 bill, according to Page Six.

Then they trooped uptown to another restaurant, Made in Mexico, where they imbibed $9,000 worth of drinks – including the cognac, D’Ussé, of which he is a part owner.

You’d think that would have been celebration enough, even to mark a milestone half-century, but no. The group, which had then dwindled to only six people, then made a third and exponentially more expensive stop – at a nightclub called Playroom, where they (ahem … he) bought 40 bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne, in which Jay-Z also, as it happens, owns a stake.

No, the music mogul didn’t appear to get a deal on the bottles, despite being a co-owner of the brand; he shelled out $1,200 ea. for 20 bottles of Ace of Spades “Gold” and $2,500 ea. for 20 bottles of Ace of Spades “Rose,” according to a receipt someone who said he was his server posted to social media.

And no, Jay-Z and his pals didn’t drink them all. Page Six reports that the rapper was a generous sharer, handing bottles out to people at other tables.

He was a generous tipper, too: He left $11,100 (15 percent, but who’s counting?) on his $80,035 bar tab.

Here’s hoping the server spends the money on something a little more substantial than really (really) expensive champagne.

Photo: iStock

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