Vera Wang and Laduree Marry Fashion and Flavor

Vera Wang is expanding into wedding desserts that might just be too pretty to eat.

Vera Wang’s name has long been synonymous with bridal dresses that look pretty enough to eat. Now the designer is expanding into wedding desserts that are so pretty you may actually feel a little guilty about gobbling them up.

Wang has teamed up with French luxury baker Laduree to create Vera Wang Pour Ladurée, a line of wedding cakes and confections in which coconut plays a prominent role. (White weddings and all — plus Wang says coconut is among her favorite flavors.)

The parade of gorgeous gateaux, which are inspired by Wang’s wedding gowns and her affection for Paris, includes a multi-tiered coconut and mango wedding cake, coconut and mango mini cakes, coconut creme Chantilly macarons, and a stately looking cake made out of coconut creme Chantilly macarons. The tiered cake is decorated to look like draped fabric, festooned with a few tastefully placed sugar flowers and topped with a proud bow — in either white or black.

Wang told Vogue that designing the desserts was not dissimilar to designing a wedding gown except that, for this project, she found herself “titrating with flavors and textures instead of fabric and finishings.”

Couples planning their nuptials and titrating every detail of their big day — to borrow Wang’s word — should know that the Vera Wang Pour Laduree cakes and confections are available by special order for the remainder of 2018. The mini cakes are $20 apiece and the full-sized tiered cakes are $20 per serving, with a minimum of 40 servings. Limited-edition Vera Wang Pour Laduree macarons will run you $24 for a box of six, $166 for a small cube of 45, $275 for a medium cube of 80, and $425 for a large cube of 125.

Fashion plus flavor equals the perfect marriage, no?

Photo courtesy of @ladureeus

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