10 Disappointing Takeout Stories We Can All Relate To

Chances are good that these have all happened to you.



Photo by: Lauri Patterson ©Lauri Patterson

Lauri Patterson, Lauri Patterson

By Casey Austin

1. When you order takeout and make the seemingly endless trek home...

...only to open your box and realize it’s not what you ordered. Nothing is worse than thinking you're going to get home and sit down with your extra-large pizza all to yourself, but then finding out it has onions when you clearly said NO ONIONS.

2. When you want to optimize maximum mixture of dressing...

...so you shake your salad but realize you forgot to close the lid, so the salad is now spewed all over yours and your coworkers’ desks. RIP, perfectly dressed Caesar salad. You had so much potential.

3. When you decide to switch it up and get something other than your usual...

...but it ends up sucking and you’re left sitting at home in your PJs feeling super salty. Top tip: stick with your OG order to avoid disappoint.

4. When you ask for no cilantro on your tacos...

...and you take a big ol’ bite of soapy cilantro, ruining your appetite and leaving you sitting staring at your sad, cilantro-ridden tacos. It takes extra effort to add cilantro, so I ask — how hard is it to leave it off?

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5. When you order enough food for a family of four...

...and the delivery guy discovers it's actually just for you. Hey, some days you just need fries, mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders AND a pizza. What's wrong with that? YOLO.

6. When the delivery man shows up without the extra ketchup.

Nothing, absolutely nothing is worse than having to ration out the ketchup to make sure every single fry gets at least a little bit.



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7. When you’re waiting for your food and it feels like time is standing still.

Waiting for the bell to ring at the end of class. Suspenseful commercials breaks. Both horrible things, but they don’t compare to the immortalizing feeling of waiting for your sushi.

8. When the doorbell rings and you think it’s the delivery man...

...but it’s actually just a friend. This now means two things: Your food still hasn't arrived and now you have to share said food with your friend. Ugh. Food > friends. Always.

9. When your delivery says it’ll show up at 9:15, but it’s 10:32 and you’re ready to eat your couch.

If I knew it would take an eternity for my burrito to arrive, I would've walked to the dang restaurant and picked it up myself.

10. When your food FINALLY arrives…

...and it’s COLD. WHAT???!???!?!????!?! How???! I just. My mind can't comprehend how such horrible things happen to good people. 

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