Are Beer and Potato Chips the Secret to a Long Life?

Regular exercise, too.

mug of beer

mug of beer

Snack-food fans (and beer drinkers) are going to love this one.

Two women in the San Francisco Bay Area — neighbors who have lived together on the same block for almost 50 years — just turned 100 within four days of each other and celebrated their milestone birthdays together. News coverage ensued and the women were asked, as those who mark their centennials often are, the secret to a long life.

One of the women, Matilda Curcia, responded as follows: “I do my exercises every day and have my beer. Eat my potato chips. That’s about all.”

Beer and potato chips. There you have it. Curcia told NBC 7 San Diego that she has one beer and three potato chips (sometimes maybe a few more) every night.

But don’t forget the exercise. Matilda and her fellow newly minted centenarian, a former military nurse (during WWII) identified only as Mickey, walk together often and sometimes even ride their bikes.

Sounds like a solid regimen, eh?

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