Bake Cupcakes in Augmented Reality on Your Android Device

This fun feature turns everyone into a pro baker and cupcake decorator.

Ever want to send someone a homemade treat to celebrate a birthday or holiday, or just to say “hi," but then realize that your baked goods will never make it there in one piece? Or maybe you realize you have no desire to *actually* bake anything?

Now you can share something sweet without having to set foot in the kitchen!

Create and decorate over-the-top cupcakes in augmented reality on your Android device with Food Network’s In the Kitchen App. Customize your cupcake with colorful liners and frostings, fun and wacky toppers, background frames, stickers and captions.

Here’s how you get there: Download the app onto your Android device or update to the newest version if it’s already installed. Open up the app and find our virtual bakery via the "AR Fun!" link in the menu sidebar, then pick a flat surface for your cupcake and decorate away. Once your cupcake’s personalized, snap a pic to share.

After playing around in our augmented-reality cupcake world, you’re probably going to be hungry and inspired. You can check out Food Network's best cupcake recipes from within the app and use your newly-learned baking and decorating skills IRL.

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