Kim Kardashian Has a Weakness for French Fries

The reality TV star was spotted making a McDonald's run in Tokyo.



HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 05: Kim Kardashian attends the release of Marina Acton's new single "Fantasize" at Boulevard3 on March 5, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images)

Photo by: Jerritt Clark

Jerritt Clark

Even the Kardashians cheat on their diets.

Proof: Paparazzi photos of Kim Kardashian ordering and walking away with some McDonald's fries during a visit to Tokyo.

Later the same day, the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star was pictured making a selection from a Coca-Cola-logoed vending machine — although, to be fair, her actually beverage selection was not clear from the images recently posted in the Sun and on other celeb news sites.

The furtive fry run comes only weeks after Kardashian's personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara, gushed to People magazine that her famous-for-being-famous client was "committed" to her diet-and-exercise regime. "She's a workhorse," Alcantara said of Kardashian.

Alcantara says she put Kardashian on a nutritionally balanced meal plan, with a carefully calibrated mix of proteins, carbs and fats and featuring lots of fresh vegetables. Processed foods are prohibited and a slice of banana bread is considered an indulgence in Kardashian's current regimen.

So where do the fries fit in? Apparently they are Kim's weakness:

"Recently she told me she had some fries that were really greasy and it made her stomach feel bad because she wasn't used to it," Alcantara told People, saying Kardashian's response was "great because after that, you're less likely to go for those foods!"

Or … maybe not.

Photo: Jerritt Clark / Contributor, GettyImages

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