Millennials Are Disinclined to Send Back Restaurant Food (Even If It’s Bad)

We don’t generally think of millennials as shy and self-effacing, but a new report may prompt us to think again.



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We generally think of Millennials as rather particular about their food (liking their bespoke coffee drinks and avocado toast just so) and not terribly shy and self-effacing, but we may now have cause to reconsider some of those preconceptions: A new Generational Consumer Trend Report from food service research company Technomic suggests Millennials be less inclined than those of other generations to send a meal back in restaurants if it is sub-par in any way.

According to the report, cited by Restaurant Business and based on a survey of 1.8 million people conducted by YouGov Omnibus, older people are way more likely than 18- to 34-year-olds to summon a wait person and send back food that does not suit. Whereas 61 percent of diners over 55 say they have no problem sending food back if there is a problem, 52 percent of Millennials say sending food back makes them uncomfortable – and 15 percent of Millennials say they wouldn’t send back a meal no matter.

Overall, 85 percent of respondents say they’d send food back if they were served the wrong meal, 82 percent would if it was undercooked, 81 percent if the food had a hair in it and 80 percent if the food was served on a dirty plate. The percentages were lower for circumstances such as overcooked food, poorly presented food, puny portion size or just generally not finding the food to their liking, Restaurant Business reports.

So the next time you get worked up about Millennials being a smug, entitled bunch, just think of all those poor young people suffering through a restaurant meal with a hair in it and let forgiveness fill your heart.

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