These Rosé Drinks Are Here to Make All Your Millennial Pink Dreams Come True

Because, wine not?

Rosé isn’t just for wine lovers anymore. Summer's best-seller is getting a makeover thanks to savvy beverage brands looking to cash in on the craze. Rosé wine sales grew 53 percent in 2017, according to Nielsen, and who can forget the rumors of wine shortages in the Hamptons? “People love rosé,” says Brian Smith, founder of wine delivery service, Winc. “It has all the celebratory elements of Champagne, but is a lot less stuffy.” Cider and liquor brands are hoping the public’s love of pink drinks will carry over to these non-wine rosé beverages, too. Here are some you can snag off store shelves now.

Angry Orchard’s product is made with apples grown in France where many well-respected rosé wines hail from. The red flesh of the apples give the drink it’s pink hue and a crisp taste. It drinks like a semi-dry wine, so try pairing it with your favorite cheese and meat tray.

Strongbow understands there might be some cider skeptics out there, so for a limited time the company is launching mini-cans of their Rosé Apple cider for anyone still feeling apprehensive about the trend. 

Photo by: Jason Tinacci

Jason Tinacci

Wolffer Estate Pink Gin and Dry Rosé Cider

When it comes to rosé, New York winery Wolffer Estate wins the most-beautiful-packaging award. The Long Island winery started making their cider made from locally grown apples five years ago and the Internet went crazy for Wolffer's Pink Gin released last year. Today, both products are still coveted by rosé fans.

Crispin cider gets it’s pink color from a blend of rose petals and hibiscus. You’ll also taste seasonal summer produce like rhubarb and strawberries in each sip. Grab a bottle when you need a taste of summertime stat.

It was only a matter of time before rosé fans wanted all their favorite liquors dyed pink. Enter Hangar 1’s Rosé Vodka, which blends the spirit with California rosé wine. You’re vodka-soda just got a whole lot cooler.

The pink color of Codigo’s tequila has nothing to do with rosé. Their classic Blaco tequila is aged in uncharred red wine barrels so the wine can interact with the tequila resulting in a pink color and floral flavor similar to what you’d taste in a Cabernet.

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