All-Pink Starburst Packs Are Back — This Time with a Clothing Line

Never let anyone treat you like a yellow Starburst.

Ask anyone their favorite color Starburst and they'll probably say pink. The super-popular flavor has inspired memes, mantras and even the launch of all-pink Starburst packages last year. This year, Starburst is taking the public’s love for pink to the next level with a limited edition clothing line inspired by the chewy candy.

Starburst partnered with designer Erin Robertson to create a collection of tees, sweatshirts and outerwear for anyone who loves to think pink. "When I think of pink Starburst, I think of living my best life," Robertson said.

It certainly shows. In addition to clothing items, fans can purchase a neon sign that reads "You are a pink Starburst." This truly is a lifestyle, people.

Pink Starburst lovers can find Starburst All Pink packages at Target, Walmart, Walgreens and Dollar Tree and shop the clothing collection here.

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