Avocado Toast Marshmallows Are No Joke

Because avocado toast in any form is worth blowing your mortgage money on.

Here's one for your "What will they think of next?" file: avocado toast marshmallows.

Yes, they are exactly what they sound like: avocado toast in marshmallow form. Avocado-green on top, toasty beige-brown on the bottom, diminutive and cube-shaped, they're a new limited-edition item on offer from XO Marshmallow, a small-batch, handcrafted, gourmet marshmallow maker based in Chicago, where you can also get pretty-hued marshmallows in other curious flavors, like Nutella, salted caramel, Champagne, pistachio, pink lemonade, lavender honey and butterbeer (although that is in no way a complete list).

Still, there's exotic and then there's downright unexpected, and that's what the avocado toast flavor is. I can attest to this as, finding myself in Chicago upon learning of this strange confection, I immediately ran out to try it in the XO Marshmallow's millennial pink "cafe and wonderland" on the Windy City's north side.

My marshmallow selections were served on a plate that said, cutely, "bite me," and I enjoyed them under a letter-board on which was spelled out the following message: "Keep Your Friends Close and Your Desserts Closer," which is solid advice, when you think about it.

But back to those avocado toast marshmallows … For those not in Chicago, they are also available online. The XO Marshmallow website describes them thus: "Made with real avocado, chia seeds, pepper, and lemon juice, the avocado layer is both savory and sweet. The ‘toast' layer is buttery with a lightly toasted flavor."

Presumably because they were introduced on April 1, some speculated that the avocado toast marshmallows were an April Fools' gag, but they are very real, even though, OK, they "definitely started out as a joke," XO Marshmallow co-founders Kat Connor and Lindzi Shanks admitted in an email to FN Dish.

"We wanted to pick an April Fools' Day flavor that was so over the top and quintessentially ‘millennial' in a way that people would think it's funny, but also wish it was real," they explain.

But when they created a test batch of marshmallows to photograph for April Fools', they figured, hey, why not make something that tasted, in addition to looked, like avocado toast?

"Then something crazy happened. After the first test batch, we realized, ‘OMG! This is DELICIOUS! So let's just go for it and actually do it!'" they said. And so they did.

The response, not surprisingly, has been super-positive. Curious customers have been making a beeline to the shop, and online orders, where the avocado toast marshmallows will be available at least until the end of April, have been brisk. 

A dozen avocado toast marshmallows will run you $8.95 and "arrive in high-end packaging." Not bad. And plus, as the XO Marshmallow website says, "Who needs a house when you can have avocado toast marshmallows?"

Who indeed.

Photo courtesy of XO Marshmallow

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