Millennial Teal Has Arrived: Are NYC Restaurants to Blame?

Nowadays, it’s all about millennial teal.

An overhead photo of a vintage fork on a vibrant turquoise wooden background texture. A restaurant menu or special offer banner design template


An overhead photo of a vintage fork on a vibrant turquoise wooden background texture. A restaurant menu or special offer banner design template

Photo by: Plateresca


Millennial pink, you are so last year.

“Is teal the new millennial pink?” Apartment Therapy wondered in an October trend alert. “If dusty pink can come roaring back, can that other '80s staple — teal — be far behind?”

In November, The Cut trumpeted “the emergence of teal as the next up-and-coming color.”

Teal’s moment may have a whiff of inevitability — a natural, complementary response to millennial pink — restaurant décor has helped pave the way for the color’s rise, according to the website PureWow.

“New York City restaurants brought us the Cronut and the cacio e pepe renaissance,” the website noted. “And now we have them to thank for an obsession of the non-edible variety: a dreamy, deep-sea teal that’s been popping up in dining interiors around town.”

Studio in New York’s Freehand Hotel, west~bourne, MeMe’s Diner and The Williamsburg Hotel have all employed the suddenly cool blue-green hue in their interior design — on everything from walls to benches and barstools.

PureWow calls the teal trend – which can skew blue or green — “a little more romantic, a little more secret-rendezvous-by-the-Mediterranean” than last year’s penchant for navy, noting that the jewel-toned color de jour is “a much more muted, dusky incarnation than the shade that was splashed across windbreakers in the ’80s.”

More saturated, too, we’d say, than those pastels of the past that went so well with your bad hair and questionable clothing choices.

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