These Soaps Smell Like Cocktails

Shower yourself in the scent of a bloody Mary, negroni or mint mojito.

The only thing better than a nice hot shower after a long day is a nice hot shower in which you lather up with soap that smells like a cocktail. That is apparently the thinking behind the handmade soaps put out by Chicago-based company Soap Distillery. (Tagline: "Small Batches. No Hangovers.")

The company, founded in 2012 by entrepreneur, self-taught soap maker and self-proclaimed eschewer of "boring showers" Danielle Martin, sells soaps and other bath and skin products, including sugar scrubs (like this limited edition Rosé), lip balms and candles, with blended scents inspired by favorite cocktails.

Soap Distillery’s vitamin-packed Bloody Mary soap bar, for instance, has notes of "Tomato Leaf, Cucumber Blossom [and] Herbs," while its Negroni soap aromatically blends "Bitter Orange, Neroli [and] Juniper" and its Mint Mojito bar evokes "Peppermint, Lime [and] Rum" in one "refreshing summer scent," according to product packaging and sales info.

The soaps ($7.00 ea.) are all vegan and free of soy, palm, pthalates, artificial dyes and sodium lauryl sulfate -- and for those who like their soap neat, there are bars inspired by Gin, Tequila, Whiskey and (the one that started it all) Bourbon.

If you veer more lowbrow, there’s even one that smells like Beer + Cigarettes, which "is made with PBR, but does not smell like it," according to the Soap Distillery website. "Instead, it smells of green dried tobacco leaves, freshly cut lavender buds, and just a touch of damp oakmoss. It's a fresh, but masculine scent that is loved by all."

Beet + Cigarettes soap "sounds awful, but actually smells quite amazing and happens to be our best seller," Martin says in the video on a Kickstarter page she recently launched to take the company to the next level. Martin still makes all the soaps by hand but hopes to expand into a larger production space to meet the rising demand for her cocktail-themed soaps and bath and body products. The new space will allow her to offer soap-making classes, too.

Budding soap mixologists, take note.

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