What Do You Get When You Cross Ice Cream With an Avocado?

It’s an avocado world and we’re just living in it (and loving every minute).

Avocados are everywhere. Not just on our toast and in our marshmallows, but also in our ice cream bowls.

The Snowflake Luxury Gelato concession at the London department store Selfridges, which last year brought decadence-hungry shoppers "The Billionaire," a £99 soft-serve cone (about $138 U.S. at today’s exchange rate) featuring edible diamonds and 24-carat gold leaf, is following it up with a new offering: "The Avo-Lato.

Truly, it could be called "The Millennial," in that the treat appears to be aimed directly at that demographic.

Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and containing no refined sugar or artificial ingredients, the Avo-lato is a gelato comprised of 60 percent Hass avocado. It is shaped like an avocado – the gelato taking the place of the avocado flesh – and comes in a real avocado skin, which adds to the "authenticity" and "connects consumers back to the original fruit," Asad Khan, Snowflake Luxury Gelato’s CEO and founder, told The Grocer.

But unlike a real avocado, the pit is edible -- made from "superfood" ingredients including peanut butter, flax seeds, almonds, walnuts and soy milk.

Each Avo-lato weighs about 7 ounces, costs £9.50 ($11.56 U.S.) and comes in a biodegradable boat, with a bamboo spoon.

Khan said he expected the new dessert, which went on sale last week, to be "quite popular."

The London Evening Standard called the Avo-lato "the world’s most hipster summer treat." And Silvia Gaetta, Snowflake’s head gelato chef, told that paper the trendy dessert was "not just a new flavor" but rather "a form of art."

And hey, if you can’t afford to buy a house because of your avocado addiction, you may as well drown your sorrows in ice cream, right?

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