An Avocado Museum Is Coming to California

Why is that not surprising?

Some news that seems both strange and strangely inevitable: The world is about get a museum dedicated exclusively to that favorite millennial toast topper, the avocado.

The CADO, a pop-up avocado museum, will open in San Diego, California, in June. Tickets, which will be limited in number and run you $27 apiece (with discounted rates for children and for those visiting on "Family Wednesdays"), are now on sale.

So what will avocado-loving visitors to the museum get for their money, apart from another setback in savings for a down payment on a house? Well, according to the California Avocado Commission, a project sponsor, the CADO, which will be a 6,700 square-foot exhibition housed in 16 customized and connected shipping containers, will offer a "multi-sensory" experience exploring the avocado "from seed to skin."

Visitors will make their way through "seven distinct rooms with large-scale California avocado-centric interactive art installations," according to the commission. The experience begins in a lobby with a mid-century décor and continues through "an ombré-colored hallway that replicates the hue of California avocados" to a "Ripe Room," where the touchable walls have an avocado-skin-like texture.

The museum will have an aural element as well. Each guest will be given a vintage Walkman and hear about the journey California avocados make "from grove to grocer."

Oh, and of course, taste will come into play: Included in the price of admission is a chance to sample dishes featuring avocados prepared by local restaurants.

"Expect fresh California-inspired avocado centric bites from talented chefs and other food partners," The CADO’s FAQ page suggests.

Tickets must be purchased in advance for dates in June and July, and according to the museum’s pun-loving website, they’re "going faster than your avocado goes from almost ripe to over ripe."

Only 12 people will be allowed in every 15 minutes. The experience itself will last an hour. The Instagram photos somewhat longer. The memories? We’re guessing those will last a lifetime.

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