Kelly Clarkson Celebrated Her Birthday With Not One but Two Elaborate Cakes

One of them had a quilting theme, complete with measuring tape, pincushion and thimble.

More is more when it comes to birthday cake, right?

That seems to be the thinking behind Kelly Clarkson’s double-baked (certainly not half-baked) 36th birthday celebration on April 26. One cake was professional in theme; the other personal. But both were compellingly colorful, toweringly tiered and creative in the extreme.

The singer and “Voice” coach posted a photo of one of the cakes, which played up her role on NBC’s singing-competition show, on her Instagram page. The red, silver and black cake featured stars, music notes, the “Voice” logo and was even topped by one of the show’s trademark spinning red chairs. (Not sure if it actually spun, but why get picky?)

In a caption accompanying the photo, Clarkson thanked the Big Sugar Bakeshop, located in Studio City and Downtown Los Angles, California, “for creating such amazing cakes” for her birthday.

“They were beautiful and delicious!” she wrote.

Big Sugar Bakeshop itself shared a photo on Instagram of Clarkson’s second cake, which tackled a quilting theme. (A year ago, Clarkson apparently got bit by the quilting bug, after making her first quilt for her son, Remy, Country Living noted.)

The bottom tier of the three-tier confection appeared quilted, the middle tier looked like a sewing basket, and the uppermost tier was a giant spool of thread. The whole cake was topped off with a measuring tape, a pincushion and a thimble – with lots of spools of thread and scraps of fabric (including the flag of Texas, Clarkson’s place of birth) hither and yon. A giant scissor added additional visual interest.

The Instagram comments were appropriately appreciative: “Amazing!!!!” “Brilliant!” “Masterpiece!!!” people wrote.

We’re sure Clarkson and her pals ate both cakes, big and bold as they were, piece by piece and by now they are already gone. But one question remains amongst the crumbs:

If this is how Clarkson celebrates a regular old non-milestone birthday, what kind of crazy cake festival will happen to mark her forthcoming 40th in a few years? Can’t wait to find out.

Photo courtesy of @bigsugarbakeshop


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