Non-Alcoholic Rosé Is a Thing

Hmm ... Cheers?

Bottomless rosé may seem like a fabulous idea in the moment, but the next day it may find you feeling a little less in the pink. That is apparently the rationale behind Welch’s new bottled beverage, released just in time for summer sipping: a Sparkling Rosé with all the festive rosy coloring and none of the alcohol.

Positioned as perfect for baby showers, barbecues and other family occasions where you may want to pop a bottle of something special but don’t want to feel the lingering celebratory effects, Welch’s nonalcoholic, all-ages Sparkling Rosé is now a thing you can buy.

Now "you can rosé all day with no regrets," Welch’s promises on Instagram.

People are into it.

"Who says you can’t have fun when you are pregnant?!?" one Instagrammer shared, along with a gif of her guzzling the stuff straight from the bottle.

"So fun and flirty!!!" wrote another appreciative ‘grammer.

"Fanstastico," applauded another.

"love this!!!!!" yet another exclaimed.

And by the way, while Welch’s has promoted the pink drink as the ideal girlfriend-gathering sip, it doesn’t want you to think of it as strictly a lady thing.

"Cheers to men who drink rosé," the company captioned a photo of a preppy-looking dude toting a bottle of the blushing beverage.

"Ahh non-alcoholic rosé is such a great idea," gushed one Insta commenter.

And we’d have to agree, but it may not be quite as great as this idea proposed by another, who wrote, "Waiting on the rosé jam!"

PB&RJ? Bring … it … on!

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