Pucker Up! Pickle-Flavored Ice Cream Is Here

The early reviews are surprisingly positive.

Pickle-flavored ice cream? We can hear your collective "Eeew!" But seriously, sourpusses, people say it’s delish.

In another indication that pickles may be the flavor of summer 2018, a pickle-flavor soft-serve is a current menu item at Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co., a new fast-casual joint (with limited seating) from Jacob's Pickles and Maison Pickle on New York City’s Upper West Side, where you can also get a variety of dumplings and noodles as well veggie sides including the vegan, sweet-and-sour "Lucky Pickle" and the hot, tangy "Sriracha Pickle Slaw."

And yeah, OK, pickle-flavored soft serve may sound like the sort of thing only a pregnant person would like, but the reviews are actually surprisingly favorable.

"The pickle soft serve is great ... It's very refreshing and has a great texture," raved one Yelp reviewer.

"It sounds weird at first but if you remember that pickles used to be cucumbers, it's a very refreshing soft serve with a cucumber/melon type taste," wrote another. "It's a bit tangy but overall refreshing and a really neat concept. I like that they took their love of pickles and made it into a soft serve, which is something I've never seen anywhere else."

"It sounds so much like it could be a huge mistake, but it's great and super addictive," noted a third.

Portions are generous and, at $5, quite affordable. And you can get your pickle ice cream blended with matcha-flavored soft-serve flavor, if you prefer.

There’s even something listed in the ice cream section of Lucky Pickle’s menu called a "Chocolate Dip." Is that another soft-serve flavor, or does that mean you can get your pickle soft-serve dipped in chocolate? Some people like the pickle-and-chocolate combo, but the rest of us are arguably justified in letting loose with a loud, resounding collective "Eeew!"

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