Sweden Makes Alarming Confession About Its Meatballs

Someone owes Turkey a big apology.

Brace yourselves, IKEA cafeteria fans. Sweden has something important to tell you.

Those meatballs you’ve been digging into are, well, kind of adopted. That is to say, they’re not from Sweden after all.

"Swedish meatballs are actually based on a recipe King Charles XII brought home from Turkey in the early 18th century," Sweden confessed on its official Twitter account. "Let's stick to the facts!"

The initial response to Sweden’s revelation was as alarmed as you might imagine.

"My whole life has been a lie," tweeted a Swede posting at @sweden.

Others posed urgent questions.

"But Lingonberries are still Swedish, right?" asked @WillieTheGreek.

"They don't grow in Sweden exclusively. But lingonberry jam accompanying meatballs is damn near as Swedish as it gets!" Sweden’s official Twitter feed replied.

The reassurance proved short-lived.

"Lingonberries were imported to Sweden by trade caravans from Mali. There is basically nothing we may call ‘Swedish.’ We have no tradition, no culture and no history. And hence, we will perish shortly. Missed by no one. Mourned by none," wrote ‪@OlaLinfeldt.

Et tu, Lingonberry?!

Honestly, now it’s hard to know what to think and who to believe anymore.

And we’re not alone in our confusion.

"Next thing you’ll tell me is the Swedish Chef doesn’t actually speak Swedish," quipped @eliterrell.

Ha! Time to drown our sorrows in Turkish meatballs. The New York Times recently responded to Sweden’s crushing news with a recipe for kofte (aka Turkish meatballs).

Here are a few other kofte recipes to try:

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