This Ice Cream Tastes Just like the Royal Wedding Cake

The flavor is pretty brilliant.

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Here’s something to snack on as you (and the rest of the world) eagerly anticipate the upcoming royal wedding. Ample Hills Creamery, a popular Brooklyn-based ice cream company, is releasing a limited-edition ice cream flavor just in time for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's nuptials — and we have to say, it's pretty brilliant.

In April, the brand ran a contest asking fans to share their ideas for a royal wedding-inspired ice cream via Instagram, the website and even their newsletter. Turns out, lots of people have opinions on the topic. “There were so many great ideas, it was hard to choose just one,” said owners, Brian Smith and Jackie Cuscuna. They ultimately landed on four winners and one new flavor: God Save the Cream.

The flavor is inspired by Prince Harry and Markle’s wedding cake, which is rumored to be lemon and elderflower-flavored, designed by Violet Cakes in London. Of course, Ample Hills put an ice cream twist on it. God Save the Cream starts with an elderflower butter cake (it took two tries to get it just right) with buttercream frosting that’s cubed and layered into a lemon-ginger ice cream. “This is about as close to the royal wedding cake as we’re going to get,” said Jackie.

Each of the four contest winners will receive a limited edition Ample Hills "Keep Calm and Berry On" 4-Pack complete with two pints of God Save the Cream, one pint of Snap Mallow Pop (an Ample Hills favorite), one pint of Strawberries and Cream (a seasonal flavor that’s also fitting for the royal wedding), and finally, a DIY paper crown. The four-packs will also be available to the public at for $36 each.

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