What’s the Most-Popular Homemade Food to Be Instagrammed in Your State?

The answer may surprise you.


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New Yorkers, with their notoriously microscopic kitchens and plethora of restaurant options, are more famous for eating out and ordering in than for cooking meals at home. But New York has still managed to land at the tippy top of a list of the states with the highest number of Instagram posts hash-tagged "#homecooking" per capita, according to a recent analysis by the home renovation site Porch.

I guess — to paraphrase the old song about the Big Apple — if you can make dinner there, you can make it anywhere?

Following not so closely behind New York are Hawaii and California, which, Porch points out, may have to do with the high cost of living in those states and cooking at home’s affordability relative to eating out. Then again, it may have just as much to do with the residents in those states knowing their way around a social media feed as much as around a kitchen, but why quibble?

The states where residents are least likely to cook at home and Insta-share the results: North Dakota, followed by South Dakota, Mississippi, Alabama, Alaska, Wyoming, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma and Indiana.

Regionally, cities with the most active home cooks on Instagram are Chicago in the Midwest, Miami in the South, NYC in the Northeast, and San Francisco (by a mile) in the West, according to Porch’s research.

The most interesting results of the Porch study, however, may be its breakdown of the foods most commonly cooked and Insta-ed in each state.

Some of the state-by-state findings make total sense. I mean, of course people in Maine are posting pics of their home-cooked lobsters, Maryland residents are sharing images of crab cakes, folks in Massachusetts are filling their social media feeds with pictures of clam chowder, Kentucky is the land of fried chicken shares, and Louisianans would like you to admire their crawfish.

But who would have guessed that Kansans were really into sharing snaps of tofu, land-locked Oklahoma is super into scallops, and that Idahoans are more fond of posting pics of their egg dishes than their potatoes? (Outdoorsy Coloradoans’ regard for kale salad makes somewhat more sense.)

You can see the whole country’s food-sharing fondnesses mapped, state by state, here.

Also, cute about the social-media cupcake compulsion, Florida. And nice going with the smoothie love, Michigan! (Who knew?)

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