Justin Timberlake’s Braspberry Is Becoming Very, Very Real

Kuddos, JT.


Photo by: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin


By now you’ve probably heard about Justin Timberlake’s new fruit invention: the braspberry. “Is it a coincidence that the blueberry fits in the raspberry perfectly? I think not,” said Timberlake on Instagram last year. At first, the internet picked up on it as a joke, but it soon became something much bigger than just a short social video.

The new fruit gained traction after Timberlake starred in a Super Bowl commercial for Bai. Full disclosure: He’s the Chief Flavor Officer for the beverage brand. Since the hilarious commercial aired, the flavor combination has only taken off.

Recently, Driscoll’s developed packaged “braspberries,” blueberry-stuffed raspberries. Unfortunately, because the fruit is so labor-intensive — stuffing raspberries isn’t as easy as it sounds — the latest concoction isn’t quite ready for sale across grocery aisles.

Still itching to get your hands on a braspberry-flavored product? Bai has the answer to your prayers. Months after their viral Super Bowl commercial, the beverage brand is launching a Tennessee Braspberry Supertea. (Did we also mention JT is from Memphis?) "When someone tells you they’ll make a drink based on a fake (but very real) fruit you made up…you just don’t say no," said Timberlake on Instagram. It’s not ready for store shelves just yet, but keep an eye out on Amazon for the release of the limited edition flavor later this month.

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