How Much Champagne Did the Golden State Warriors Blow Through After Winning?

In a word: LOTS.



Celebration and holiday theme. Champagne splashes on black background.

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Let’s just say this team didn’t hold back. As they were celebrating their sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, winning the championship for the second straight year and their third trophy in four years, the Golden State Warriors popped their fair share of Champagne — and then some. Initial reports set the number at $400,000 worth of bubbly. But that turns out not to have been the half of it.

Between their locker room revelry – where the bottles were popping left and right and spraying their contents everywhere – and their victory parade, the Warriors actually blew through $900,000 worth of sparkling wine, according to USA Today.

Steph Curry probably shot as many corks in the air as he has three-pointers, and he seemed to have enjoyed his Champagne especially when paired with cigars.

Jordan Bell followed a bottle of bubbly with a Hennessy chaser. (Hennessy has just thoughtfully sent Bell some bonus bottles, since he apparently ran during the parade.)

A shirtless Nick Young sprayed the fizzy stuff at some “Swaggy P”-chanting fans who showed up to greet the Warriors’ plane in Oakland.

They went through more than 300 bottles of Moet & Chandon Champagne and 150 bottles of limited edition Moet Nectar Rose Public School Luminous Magnums in their post-Game 4 locker-room blowout, at an estimated cost of $400,000, USA Today reports. And their parade buses were loaded with luxurious liquid: $500,000 worth of Luc Belaire Rare Gold, Luxe and Rosé.

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Soaked in Champagne (in their clothes, hair, ears, mouths, though not eyes, thanks to their strategic choice to wear goggles) and success, the Warriors finished the season in a golden state.

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