The Popular Ingredient Chrissy Teigen Hates — and Other News You Need to Know

We actually get where she's coming from, though.



Photo by: Emma McIntyre

Emma McIntyre

We've rounded up all the celebrity food news you need to know this week. Read on to see if there's anything you missed. Happy weekend!

Chrissy Teigen hates truffle oil.

And it looks like the internet is on her side. Tweets replying to Teigen flooded in supporting her theory that while truffles might be great, truffle oil on anything, especially fish, is not.

Pizza for Pawhuska!

Ree Drummond announced she's opening a wood-fire pizza parlor right in her hometown as soon as next week. "I think we're gonna open next week if we can push ourselves to the finish line," she said on Instagram.

Trevor Noah goes pinky up.

But not for what you'd expect. The comedian shared his queen-like habit for eating Cheetos. Hey, no judgement here.

Sunny Anderson shares an ode to gas station eggs.

Turns out the chef is also a writer. Sunny took to Instagram to share her take on buying eggs at the gas station.

Pictures make it happen.

Jason Biggs knows that if you don't Instagram your food, you probably didn't eat it anyway. And his latest 'gram of the watermelon ice cream at Dominique Ansel bakery in New York has us drooling.