Camilla’s Birthday Cake Carefully Hewed to Royal Protocol

It called her ‘Ma’am,’ which rhymes with 'jam.'

It may not have curtsied, but a birthday cake presented to Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, as her husband, Prince Charles, stood by looking tickled, followed correct royal protocol nonetheless.

“Happy Birthday Ma’am” read message on a frankly beautiful-looking carrot cake presented to Her Royal Highness on her 71st birthday (July 17, if you want to send a card next year) at On the Quay, a harbor-side restaurant on St. Mary’s, one of the Isles of Scilly, a cluster of 200 islands and rocks about 28 miles away from Cornwall.

The Duke and Duchess stopped into the restaurant while touring the island during a visit in which they helped to formally open its newly improved quayside – cutting the ribbon, meeting with local entrepreneurs and shaking hands.

The proper protocol for greeting female members of the British royal family, aside from the Queen, is to first address them as “Your Royal Highness” and then subsequently call them “Ma’am,” which the royal website helpfully notes rhymes with “jam.” So maybe the cake had met Camilla before?

A series of photos documenting the presentation of the cake were posted to the Duke and Duchess’s Clarence House Twitter feed, which is rife with pictures of royals enjoying various baked goods and other local delicacies prepared in their honor. Ah, the life of the royal.

In one photo in the series, Camilla appears to be discussing the cake with a server. Perhaps she’s just checking to make sure it doesn’t contain garlic? (Wink!)

Photo courtesy of @ClarenceHouse

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