Do You Eat Mac and Cheese with a Fork or a Spoon?

Annie’s conducted a national survey to find out which utensil more people preferred.

©2011, TL Reed / Night and Day Images. All rights reserved.

2011, TL Reed / Night and Day Images. All rights reserved.

Do you eat your macaroni and cheese with a fork or a spoon? Annie’s, maker of organic boxed mac, recently set out to find out how most people would answer that question, conducting a national consumer survey.

And? The preferred mac-and-cheese utensil among adults was a fork – by a wide margin. Seventy-one percent of adults said they preferred to eat their macaroni and cheese with a fork, whereas only 28 percent said they favor a spoon. (Not sure what the remaining one percent used: A spork? Their fingers?) Parents, however, prefer to hand their kids a spoon than a fork to eat mac-and-cheese, perhaps in order to head off a cheesy mess.

In tandem with its announcement of #TeamFork carrying the day, Annie’s also revealed that its newly designed box – on a creamier, cheesier version of its classic mac – would feature a forkful of macaroni and cheese, as opposed to the spoonful featured on its old box. Bold paradigm shift!

The survey also yielded a few other interesting results. Among them:

  • One-third of respondents said macaroni and cheese was their favorite comfort food.
  • Seventy-three percent of respondents said they like their macaroni and cheese to be as creamy as possible.
  • Almost 10 percent of parents confess that they eat macaroni and cheese for breakfast.

Annie’s did not reveal – and perhaps was too polite to ask – whether those parents ate it cold, but hey, parenting is hard and sometimes you need a little comfort food to get through the day. Far be it from us to judge.

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