Got Prime Day Withdrawal? Here Are a Few Deals to Help You Cope

It's ok. We're here to help you through your troubles with more Amazon deals.

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July 27, 2018

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Make drinking water more fun by infusing it with lemons, berries, cucumbers or herbs. A pitcher like this one lets all those delicious flavors flow into your water while saving you the hassle of fishing out bits of mint from your teeth.

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Don't miss out on grilling this summer just because you don't have a yard or a grill. Approximate the delicious flavors you crave indoors with a pre-seasoned cast iron grill pan. This one is such a steal it hurts.

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These Magic Peelers are a hot item. Perhaps you've seen videos on the internet where they make quick work of shredding cabbage with their back-and-forth dual blades? Magic, just like they claim.

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Plastic straws are making major headlines. If you're moved to ditch the plastic, opt for a set of stainless steel straws. This set comes with their own teeny tiny scrubbing brush which is essential if you want to keep your straws from getting funky.

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Cupcakes don't need to have throw-away paper liners. In fact, these silicone ones are a dream to bake with, don't require any grease, and leave no waste. The Amazon Basics version is a good 40% cheaper than others.

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While the temperatures are still high and you're still in your drink-your-water-quota stage, get yourself a water filter pitcher. Who knows? Maybe the good habit will even stick once it cools off.

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If brand name isn't a concern, then consider this 2-piece silicone baking mat set. You basically get these for about half the cost of the name brand which I don't need to tell you is a steal. Your cookie sheets will be so happy.

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The Europeans really are ahead of the game when it comes to making tea and pour-over coffees. They know they can get boiling water in just about a minute if they use an electric kettle. It's time we caught up and added electric kettles to our countertops.

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Nab a set of 6 stainless steel mixing bowls for under $25. If you've got a college student moving into their first apartment these are a perfect gift to fit all their kitchen needs. Plus, they'll last for years and years.

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For under $2 you can sample from 70+ varieties of loose leaf teas. They claim you can get 3-5 servings of tea per sampler which beats the cost of a trip to your local cafe by a mile. Bonus: if you order 5 or more you get a 20% discount.

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Cut down on your papertowel use and up your kitchen's style with a set of kitchen towels in a classic design. This workhorse set of 10 can be used for everything from drying your hands to everyday napkins.

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Snag a set of four stemless wine glasses for under twenty bucks. These work just as well for white or red wine. They also act as fancy tumblers for water or cocktails if you're in the mood.

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It's the peak of fruit and veggie season but because they're so fresh, they can have a pretty short lifespan. Up the odds of eating your farmer's market goodies before they go bad by storing them in produce-saving containers like these.

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Kitchen pros know that the way to keep your piggies happy for hours on end in front of the stove or sink is a padded mat like this one. Your dogs will bark much less when you give them a nice, padded, anti-slip surface to stand on.

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A Le Creuset will last you forever. The stoneware pie dish is 20% off right now. And while $50 may seem like a lot for a pie dish, you may quite literally never need to buy another one.

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