Hellman’s Mayo Is an Ice Cream Flavor Now

Would you try it?

Mayonnaise-flavored ice cream – yea or nay?

While you’re discussing that amongst yourselves (seriously -- would you, could you?), know this: That is not a hypothetical question.

ICE, an artisanal ice cream shop in Falkirk, Scotland, that has been making “scrumptious double dairy ice cream handmade every day on the premises” and specializing in the “truly unique” since it opened in May 2016, has just introduced to the world a new flavor: Hellman’s Mayo.

“It’s literally ice cream mixed with mayo,” marveled a video on LADBible that has racked up more than 7 million views in a week. “We all know a mayo addict who’d genuinely love this.”

We also all probably know someone who would cringe at the idea.

Responses on a ICE Falkirk Instagram post about the unusual frozen dairy dessert range from “yum” and “I’d eat that” to “that is gross” and “oh … no!”

Me, I’d probably give ICE’s Mayo flavor a pass and opt for a scoop of Reese’s Peanut Butter, Caramel Wafer, Malteser or Strawberry Cheesecake instead. Not the Monster Energy flavor though. That one’s a definite no.

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