Hugh Jackman Breaks Into Song While Dining Out

Apparently he gets super-excited when he hears music from his hit movie musical "The Greatest Showman."



LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 03: Hugh Jackman is seen on July 03, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Photo by: gotpap/Bauer-Griffin


How excited does Hugh Jackman get when he hears someone else playing songs he performed in the movie musical "The Greatest Showman"? Like, really, really excited.

For instance, if he hears it in a restaurant, he may burst into song. That's what happened when he was eating at Tao LA on July 4 (the same day, his Instagram account indicates, that he worked out with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the original Gold's Gym in Venice, California).

Jackson was enjoying a meal with Keala Settle, who played bearded lady Lettie Lutz in "The Greatest Showman," and his pal Gus Worland, an Australian TV and radio personality, when, someone told the New York Post's Page Six, "two songs from the film about PT Barnum came on." The songs – "This Is Me," which Jackson has said is his favorite song from the movie, and "From Now On" – apparently prompted Jackson and his pals (Worland tweeted a photo of the three at the restaurant) to give an impromptu performance for fellow diners.

Cute. But maybe not quite as cute as Jackman's tickled-pink response a few days later, when he was descending a staircase, perhaps on his way out for a bike ride (he was wearing a helmet) and heard "A Million Dreams," also from the hit movie, playing on the other side of a door.

"It's kind of weird when you're walking down a stairwell and you're tempted to knock on someone's door and say, 'That's my song,'" he confided via Instagram. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna do it."

Who was worried?

Photo courtesy of gotpap/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor, GettyImages

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