Maple Cookies Are Coming for Your In-Flight Stroopwafel

United Airlines announced a morning-treat switcheroo and travelers are not super happy.

Is this the moment that the maple trend went too far? United Airlines has announced its intention to introduce maple-flavored cookies into its selection of complimentary snacks on domestic U.S. flights departing prior to 9:45 a.m.

The crunchy-sweet wafer cookies, created by Savannah, Georgia-based Byrd Cookie Company and introduced on flights late last month, were inspired by “Google Trends data showing an increase in searches related to maple and many heralding it as the ‘next pumpkin spice,’” United said in a press release.

"We know that maple is an increasingly appealing flavor, and we are always looking for ways to capitalize on trends in taste buds," United Vice President of Catering Operations Charlean Gmunder said in the release.

But introduction of the new cookies, which United says will provide a perfect to complement its signature illy coffee, has a casualty: The new snack will replace United’s Stroopwafel, a Dutch waffle-wafer cookie sandwich with caramel in the middle. Served with coffee on United’s morning flights since 2016, many of the airlines’ loyal customers apparently love the way the cookies (which hail from the same area as Gouda cheese) soften when placed over a cup of coffee, making the center warm and gooey.

And, although United says the Stroopwafel will continue to be served on flights departing Europe before 9:30 a.m. and will likely be reintroduced on other flights at some point in the future, Stroopwafel lovers are not taking the news of its limited availability lightly.

@united I understand you've had your fair share of ‘changes’ the past year or two, but I will never forgive you for taking away the one reason I look forward to flights, mein stroopwafel!” wrote one Twitter user.

“No @united no! Keep the Stroopwafel!,” howled another.

“You can have my Stroopwafel...when you pry it out of my cold, sugar-glazed, shiny-with-caramel fingers,” scowled a third.

And if United expected that once people tried the new maple cookies they would be appeased, tweets like this one may prompt them to reconsider:

“These are fine, but they are no stroopwafels, @united. Bring back the #stroopwafel! #teamstroopwafel,” one traveler captioned a photo of the new cookies on Twitter.

Time will tell how United responds to the outcry. In the meantime, enterprising bakers who want to combat the cookie catastrophe can whip up their own sweet snacks using this recipe for Dutch Stroopwafels. If you take them on the plane, be sure to bring extras to share with your seatmates. Stroopwafels for all!

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