Millennials Are the Worst Tippers, Study Concludes

But apparently they have their reasons.


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Maybe it’s because the avocado toast has emptied their wallets? A new study has concluded that millennials are the worst tippers – something they’ve actually been accused of before.

American adults between the ages of 18 and 37 are less willing to tip and less generous when they do, according to a survey of 1,000 Americans ages 28 and older conducted in May by

Millennials are more likely to stiff their servers than older adults, with 10 percent of them saying they generally decline to leave any tip at all for their restaurant servers. Almost one out of every three millennials regularly tips less than 15 percent when dining out, the survey found. What’s more, one out of every six millennials admit that, when presented with those preselected tip options on an electronic device, they routinely opt for the lowest number and almost one in five millennials (the highest ratio of any age group) opts to leave no tip at all in that situation.

But before you start pontificating about kids these days, note this: It may not be the millennials are cheap but rather that they oppose tipping on philosophical grounds. About 27 percent of millennials say they would rather get rid of tips altogether and have a service charge baked into restaurant menu prices, even if that means higher prices overall.

“Tipping at sit-down restaurants has always been the standard in the U.S., but that’s not necessarily the case in other countries,” Matt Schulz, senior industry analyst at, said in a press release about the study. “We’re seeing younger adults tipping less, and even showing a greater preference toward eliminating tipping altogether, even if it means paying more on the bill.”

So maybe it comes down to the Uber effect rather than uber cheapness after all.

Oh, and the study also found that, on average, women tip more than men, married people tip more than singles and seniors – ages 65 and up – tip more than any other age group. Just in case you were wondering.

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