Reese’s Makes It Right With Guy Who Got No PB in His Cup

The candy maker sent along a big box of goodies and made the most of the moment.



Two chocolate peanut butter cups, one with a bite taken out of it, on white with reflection and shadows.

Photo by: IcemanJ


What do you do when life brings you a chocolate peanut-butter cup that arrives sans peanut butter?

If you are Alex Hentges, of Dubuque, Iowa, you post an image on Reddit’s "mildlyinteresting" subthread. (Side note: Unlike the PB cups, the Subreddit is filled with actually rather interesting things, you may want to know.)

"My Reese's Peanut Butter Cup had no peanut butter," Hentges griped, about two months ago, sharing a photo of two solid chocolate cups.

"Somewhere out there someone is getting an all peanut butter Reese's cup," quipped one Redditor.

Among the 2,000-plus comments sparked by Hentges initial image was one offering some helpful advice: "If you sent that photo to them [Reese’s] they would bombard you with gifts. For real..I know from first hand experience working for companies similar to them."

"I did. Hopefully this happens. The bag had 6 'mistake' cups," Hentges wrote in response.

To a suspicious commenter who wondered why Hentges had broken the cups in half rather than bitten into them, he explained, "It wasn't squishy, so I was concerned." To further prove his status as innocent candy victim, he also posted a video showing him opening a package and breaking a PB-free cup in half.

Hentges also sent Reese’s a photo of his solid-chocolate cups via Facebook in April and got an apology and request from the company for a direct follow-up.

Eventually his gift-bombardment wishes came true. Reese’s sent him a massive candy care package, complete with Reese’s products of all sorts, along with a cute hand-written card: "Sometimes we like to remind people that you need both chocolate AND peanut butter, together, to have the perfect candy," the company wrote. "This was one of those times. And you were the unlucky person. Now that we made our point, here’s enough chocolate AND peanut butter to make everything cool between us."

It almost (almost) sounds as if Reese’s put out the dud cups on purpose.

"All part of Reese’s master PR plan," wrote one Redditor on the page where Hentges shared a photo of his big haul.

"They sent you $20 of chocolate and got $100,000 worth of free advertisement, you can't beat that return on investment," noted another.

In the end, though, you kind of have to agree with the Redditor who observed, "Everyone wins." Because free advertising, sure. But also? Hey, free candy!

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