Sofia Vergara’s Birthday Cake Matched Her Dress (Like, Exactly)

"Who wore it best?" she wondered.

Talk about matchy-matchy! Sofia Vergara just celebrated her 46th birthday by blowing out the candles (OK, by mugging for the camera and pretending to blow out the antenna-like sparklers) on a cake designed to precisely match the dress she was wearing.

Ah, celebrities and their strange birthday-cake ways.

The actress posted a video on Instagram (captioned “Happy verde”) in which she was serenaded by party guests with a resounding “Happy Birthday.” In the video, Vergara wears a filmy, white, tiered dress decorated with sparkly polka dots – and the relatively modest-sized cake, sitting proudly on a cake stand, rocks the very same look.

Vergara, a self-decribed cake addict, also posted a gif, showing her twisting happily in her frilly dress next to her frilly cake.

“Who wore it best?” she wondered.

Commenters called the matching situation “genius,” “hilarious,” “iconic” and “So CUTE!!”

They also answered her question.

“The one that could shake it the best, of course!” wrote one commenter.

Another declared, "YOU for the win!!!"

Tough luck, cake. ;-)

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