A Golden Girls Cookbook Is Headed Your Way

And yes, of course, it will include a recipe for cheesecake.



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Those of you who’ve been hoping since, oh, let’s say the 1980s, to learn how to make cheesecake a la “The Golden Girls” will soon have your chance.

Kingswell, an imprint of Disney Publishing, is planning to release a “Golden Girls” cookbook, with recipes inspired by the iconic NBC sitcom, in 2020, Disney-owned website Babble reports.

While there will definitely be a cheesecake recipe, specifically a Double Fudge Chocolate number published on Babble in advance, because one never wants to be without a cheesecake, details are scant on precisely which other Sophia-, Blanche-, Dorothy- and Rose-inspired recipes the book will include.

Still, there’s got to be a recipe for a Maple Syrup Honey Brown Sugar Molasses Rice Krispies Log, right? (So sweet – but definitely hold the flour.) And surely they wouldn’t leave out that trusty “ancient Scandanavian midnight snack”Sperheoven Krispies? (Don’t forget to hold your nose.) Also maybe a Genügenflürgen cake, about which, even if good, we won’t expect the cookbook writers to blow their own “veturbenflurgen.”

Oh, and how about an inadvertently insulting shrimp appetizer. And obviously lots of saucy Italian food.

Clearly the possibilities are endless. And what a great gift it would make for the “Golden Girls” fan in your life – with a card attached reading “Thank you for being a friend,” of course.

Photo: Eric McCandless / Contributor, GettyImages

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