Ben & Jerry’s Has Brought You an Ice Cream Bagel

But you’ll have to make a beeline to London to try it.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream innovations are usually nothing short of inspired. Just give us a spoon and a pint of almost any of their flavors and we’re happy. In fact, it’s hard to recall any frozen-dairy-dessert misstep on the part of the Vermont-born creamery. Until, perhaps, now.

Because ... ice cream bagels. (Cue the record scratch.)

Yeah, ice cream bagels are pretty much what they sound like – ice cream tucked into a bagel, where the lox and shmear of cream cheese should be.

Called Ice-Ice-Bagels – because what is a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream product without a clever name? – the questionable concoction involves soft, vaguely sweet, chewy Montreal-style bagels and comes in two varieties.

The Birthday Bagel features a pink bagel stuffed with Birthday Cake ice cream (vanilla cake batter ice cream with pink frosting, strawberry ribbon and bite-size bits of cake) and doused with rainbow sprinkles.

The Holey Cara-moley is Double Caramel Brownie ice cream (caramel ice cream with a swirl of salted caramel and chunks of chocolate brownies) nestled inside a salted pretzel bagel and drizzled with caramel.

The ice cream-bagel mashups are being sold only at one Ben & Jerry’s location in London – the Soho Scoop Shop – only until September 9. And they are reportedly a nod to a plan Ben & Jerry founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, had to go into the bagel business before they opened their original in ice cream shop in 1978.

“Now, 40 years later we are raising a spoon to what might have been,” the Soho Scoop Shop notes in a blog post.

The response on social media has been mostly positive, perhaps unexpectedly so.

“Wow!!! So wrong yet so right,” wrote one Instagrammer.

Hmmm ... maybe?

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