Butter Cow Spelling Mistake Incites Ridicule

State fair sculptor is not such a great speller, but she sure can make an impressive butter cow.

Life can be so cruel. You spend 96 hours sculpting an astoundingly lifelike cow out of 600 hundred pounds of butter and put it on display, expecting it to receive its rightful kudos, and what do you get? Ridicule. Humiliation. Social media scorn.


This year’s butter cow at the Illinois State Fair, in Springfield, Illinois, was sculpted by Sarah Pratt of West Des Moines, Iowa, to celebrate the state’s bicentennial year. (Pratt, who also sculpts the Iowa State Fair’s butter cow each year, began sculpting Illinois’ butter cows in 2016.) Alas, although to cow itself is perfection, an accompanying butter sign that was to read "Grand Champion State ... 1818 Bicentennial 2018" featured a spelling mistake. Pratt swapped around her n’s and spelled it "Bicenntenial." Oops.

People pounced.

"You had one job...," tweeted one spelling-sensitive butter cow critic.

"I'm udderly horrified. This butter not happen again!" quipped another.

"Time for a re-carve," wrote a third.

Indeed it was. The cow was quickly corrected.

A spokesperson told NBC News that Pratt offered her "extreme apologies" for the error and admitted that she was a "terrible speller," saying she generally had her husband spell-check her work, but apparently didn’t do so this time around.

"It was just a mistake and will we will try to correct it tonight, but since everyone knew about it, I figured we might as well just — everybody get a laugh about it and enjoy it," the spokesman gamely said. She explained that the erroneous letters would be scraped off and reattached with softer butter, adding, "Hopefully by tomorrow morning you’ll never know the difference."

Good. Done. Fixed. Now can we all just focus on that remarkable cow? Because ... amazing.

Photo courtesy of @IOCIRADIO

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