Genius Grocery Chain Solves the Problem with Bananas

In Korea, no one will ever have to eat a non-ripe banana again.

Here’s one to file under "Why didn’t anyone think of this before?"

You know how, when you buy a bunch of bananas and don’t eat them all at once, it’s hard to calibrate the ripeness. Like, the first one is probably not ripe enough -- on the hard, green side. Somewhere in the middle of eating the bunch, you have achieved peak ripeness. And then by the time you get to the end, you’re gumming through mush. (Ick. Banana bread time.)

A Korean supermarket chain, E-Mart, has reportedly come up with a solution: It’s packaging six bananas of varying degrees of ripeness in a single pack so consumers can eat one each day for six days and get a perfectly ripe banana every day. No more mornings of sub-optimal bananas!

According to the website Daum, the "Haru Hana Banana," which Grub Street reports translates to "one-a-day banana," is one of several fruit solutions – including coconuts packaged with a plastic hole punch (so you can more easily access the juice within with your straw) and a watermelon packaged with a handle, for ease of transport.

"Even if the taste is good, products that are difficult to eat like coconut are not easy to [access]," E-Mart fruit buyer Lee Jin-pyo told Daum (via Google Translate). "I will show more diverse ideas by listening to the inconveniences of consumers."

Photo courtesy of @aQuoteAday

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