Panera Is Testing a Double Bread Bowl

For those who don’t consider the single Bread Bowl decadent enough.

What’s better — if by “better” you mean more carbo-decadent — than a Panera Bread Bowl?

How about a Panera DOUBLE Bread Bowl? Yeah, insane — if by “insane” you mean a thing we all need to try ... and then spend the next week dietarily atoning for our excesses.

Panera Bread is testing out a double version of its popular Bread Bowl in its Philadelphia-area locations. (Fingers crossed for national release.)

Whereas the regular Bread Bowls are a round bread with a circular hunk cut out of them, creating a cavity that can be filled with soup or macaroni and cheese, the Double Bread Bowl is an oblong loaf of bread with two (count ‘em) circular holes cut out — one on each end.

That means you can fill each side of the Double Bread Bowl with different soups (or the same one, if you’re loyal to a favorite) or one with soup and the other with mac and cheese or (here’s where it gets really carbo-crazy) both sides with mac and cheese.

Panera says the Double Bread Bowls, which will be available only from Sunday, Aug. 5, to Friday, Aug. 31, are “ideal for sharing with your BFF, significant other, or even a co-worker.” I guess if you are really close with your co-worker? But it probably goes with out saying that there will be plenty of people (especially those in the city of the cheesesteak) who will see the Double Bread Bowls and think, “more for me!”

Oh, and because Panera has also just rolled out a delivery service in the Philadelphia area, you can get your Double Bread Bowl brought to your door.

But for those of us who don’t live in Philly, well, the Liberty Bell probably looks nice this time of year — if you can still move after all that bread and soup and mac and cheese.

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Photo courtesy of Panera Bread

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