Someone Stole $100,000 Worth of Ramen Noodles in Georgia

Could it have been a hungry hipster or a ravenous college student?

Instant noodles isolated on white background

Instant noodles isolated on white background

Instant noodles isolated on white background

If you see someone driving around in a big white tractor-trailer, binging on ramen noodles and laughing maniacally, police in Fayette County, Georgia, may want to know about it.

Someone (possibly a really hungry bandit?) made off with $98,000 worth of ramen noodles in a heist in Fayetteville, Georgia, sometime between July 25 and August 1, according to 11Alive in Atlanta.

Police were called in by a driver who had, with the owner of the property’s permission, left a locked truck full of ramen noodles parked on Highway 85 South on July 25, the NBC affiliate reports. When the driver returned days later to the parking spot — at a Chevron, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution — the truck and its noodly contents were gone.

Further inquiry indicated that the vehicle — a 2004 Stoughton Se 53-foot tractor-trailer (number 20152059) with a Maine license plate tag 202643A — was last seen on July 29 and had not been towed, which is when the Fayette County Sheriff's Office was summoned to the scene.

As of August 15, no arrests had been made in connection with the theft. When and if the culprits are found, we’re guessing they’ll definitely land in the soup.

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