Twitter Goes Nuts for Olive Garden Makeup Palette

Too bad it’s not real (yet?).

How dedicated are Olive Garden diners to the restaurant’s food? So much so that they’d be willing to proudly wear it all over their faces.

It’s hard to know what else to conclude after absorbing the response to an Olive Garden Twitter post depicting a makeup palette featuring Olive Garden-logo-branded powders with menu-inspired names like Breadstick Bronzer, Marinara Rouge, Alfredo Awesome, Parmigiana Perfection, Fierce Fettuccine, Royal Ravioli, Lasagna Lush and Spaghetti Sparkle.

As Olive Garden readily acknowledged, the palette isn’t a real thing that exists. It’s just a teasy follow-up to another faux product tweeted by the Italianesque chain – a subscription box for breadsticks – that social media users also embraced with an almost unseemly level of enthusiasm.

And speaking of unseemly excitement, Olive Garden’s makeup-palette post has garnered thousands of “Likes” and hundreds of retweets and comments, many of them begging (seriously begging) for Olive Garden to pony up and make the thing real.

But the best part is all the suggestions people are offering. Such as …?

There was this gross one: “You should make the pallet smell the same as the food!“

And this cute one: “… you could make a lipstick and the tube could look like a breadstick …”

This overthought one: “I would have a blush, highlighter, and bronzer named after your desserts for example Tiramisu for the Bronzer. Breadstick would be a beige transition shade, ‘marinara’ would be deep red foil, ‘olive’ would be a forest green, ‘ Fettuccini’ would be a white with gold reflect etc.”

And this winning idea: “Put in a little breadstick eyeshadow brush and youve sold me”

The Olive Garden social media team seemed to eat up the attention – and to suggest that there was at least a slim possibility that all the outpouring of OG makeup love could prompt them to turn the palette into a reality.

We wouldn’t hold our breath, though. Except maybe while applying a blush that smelled like a breadstick. In that situation, we definitely would.

Photo courtesy of @olivegarden

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