Airline Pilot Proves Pizza Makes Everything Better

He ordered 40 pies to distribute to passengers stranded due to weather.

Hello, this is your captain speaking. Grab a slice, why don’t you?

When American Airlines Flight 2354, en route from Los Angeles to Dallas/Fort Worth, was redirected to land on a runway at Wichita Falls (Texas) Regional Airport, due to severe thunderstorms, on Sept. 6, the airplane’s pilot displayed something airlines today are not generally known for: empathy with flight passengers’ plight.

Because all 159 passengers were compelled to stay overnight in Wichita Falls before the flight was cleared to take off and fly to Dallas/Fort Worth as planned, flyers were getting kind of grumbly, TODAY reports. So, while overnight accommodations were being arranged by members of the crew and airlines staff, pilot Jeff Raines took measures to ease the pain by ordering 40 pizzas to be delivered to the airport to distribute to passengers.

“I don’t think I’ve seen this before,” tweeted Josh Raines, a relative of Jeff Raines who works at Wichita Falls Regional Airport. Josh also posted a video of Jeff taking delivery of the pies.

“What a guy,” a voice captured on the video exclaims.

Certainly brings a whole new meaning to the concept of airplane food.

Photo: iStock

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