These Products Will Help You Celebrate National Coffee Day Like a True Coffee Lover

Sip, sip, hooray!

September 28, 2018

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For coffee lovers, every day is a reason to celebrate a good cup of joe. With so many ways to drink the good stuff – think: cold brew, drip coffee, nitro, brewed with milk – it can be overwhelming to move away from your trusty automatic coffee pot. If you’re looking to switch up your usual coffee routine, there’s no better day to make a change than National Coffee Day on September 29. These brands are making it easy to discover a whole new way of perking up your day.

Nespresso Prive

For two days only, Nespresso is helping customers find their perfect coffee blend for free. (Yes, you read that right.) Starting September 29, owners of Nespresso Original machines can head to any participating flagship Nespresso boutique around the country and pick out a special coffee blend with the help of a coffee specialist. Participants will receive a commemorative box with 50 Nespresso Prive espresso capsules of their chosen blend and a special set of cups and saucers. Start your registration here.

Folgers 1850 Brand Coffee

Drink coffee? Chances are you’ve had a cup or two of Folgers. It’s the number one selling coffee brand in the United States – and it’s history dates back all the way to 1850 when James Folger traveled to San Francisco in search of gold, and instead got his start at a coffee company that would later become is namesake. In honor of the company’s roots, this year Folgers released a line of premium coffees for ultra-coffee lovers called 1850 Brand Coffee. The line comes in four blends and is available here.

Reyka x La Colombe Cold Brew Martini Cocktail Kit

La Colombe is known for delicious cans of cold brew and is now getting into the cocktail game. Sure, you can have your coffee with breakfast, but why not have a cup after dinner, too? The coffee company partnered with Reyka Vodka from Iceland to create a cold brew twist on the classic espresso martini kit that comes delivered right to your door. Order it here for the ideal way to end National Coffee Day this year.

Starbucks Plus

For many, a morning cup of coffee isn’t just about the taste, it’s also functional. That caffeine jolt in the early morning of oftentimes a necessity. Of course, Starbucks understands this about its consumers and delivered a solution: Starbucks Plus. It’s a line of K-cups blended with two times the caffeine per cup that launched earlier this year. Say goodbye to that mid-morning cup for good and purchase a box here.

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