Starbucks Has Introduced Cotton Candy and Bubblegum Frappuccinos

But — lo siento — you’ll have to go to Mexico to try them.

Coffee is coffee and cotton candy is cotton candy and never the twain shall meet ... until now.

Starbucks has introduced a new Cotton Candy Frappuccino. (Oh, Starbucks.)

Pale blue in hue, the sweet new beverage is being marketed as a nostalgic throwback to the simple pleasures of childhood – evoking not only an exciting trip to the fairground but also lazy afternoons spent jumping rope, going down a slide, riding a skateboard and just hanging out.

It’s part of a campaign called Back to the Flavor, which has also seen the release of a pastel pink Bubblegum Frappuccino.

The fantasy-colored frosty drinks became available on Aug. 13 – and will remain so for a limited time only. But you can get them only in Mexico. Qué lástima for the rest of us. (Pretty sure that means “what a pity”; I looked it up.)

Those of us north of the border may be having Unicorn Frappuccino flashbacks, but, judging from Instagram, the vivid new flavors seem to be a hit in Mexico, where Starbucks opened its first store in 2002 and now has 687 locations across 61 Mexican cities.

“You are my favourite,” wrote one Mexico City resident, alongside a photo of a hand holding a bubblegum Frap.

“There are flavors that go back to the happiest moments of your life, what better than sharing them with your loved ones,” waxed another, sharing a photo of himself clutching both a Cotton Candy Frappuccino and a super-cute dog.


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