Urban Outfitters May Have Just Changed Bathing Forever

The retailer is now offering a wine-glass holder made expressly for use in the bath or shower.



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It may be true that if you are desperate to drink wine all day long and everywhere including while you shower, you may have a bigger issue than what to do with your wine glass while you are in said shower. (Not to judge …)

It may also be true that there are modest, occasional drinkers out there who simply yearn for a glass of wine while showering and it is only the lack of a suitable place to set their wine glass that is holding them back from achieving this perfectly acceptable dream.

Presumably it is the latter category Urban Outfitters had in mind when it decided to offer up for sale the Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder, a silicone, aluminum and polypropylene plastic doohickey that adheres to your shower or bath wall and holds your wine glass in place between sips.

The food-safe, dishwasher-safe doohickey comes in two colors – a “Seafoam” (sort of a pale teal) and “Marble” (pale gray) – and is currently available for preorder (shipping 12/19/2018) for $15, a $3 savings from its usual $18 retail price.

“Easily removes without leaving residue behind,” the Urban Outfitters product page promises, while warning that the Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder is “not recommended for use with glass containers” -- a danger flag you probably don’t want to ignore. (Crash! Ouch!)

So once you get your plastic wine glass in hand for safe shower sipping, what do you do? You just apply the Sipski to a “flat, shiny, dry surface,” but not to stone or unglazed tile. And you’ll want to plan ahead: Urban Outfitters recommends waiting 24 hours after you adhere it before you try to use it.

That means you have a full day to work up both a nice coating of grime and a serious thirst.

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