When Life Brings You an EGOT, Make ‘EGOT Pancakes’

John Legend celebrated his historic win with a plate of late-night breakfast food.

How does one celebrate making history as one of the youngest people (at age 39) and the first African-American man ever to score an EGOT?

An EGOT, of course, is the acronym for snagging all for major entertainment industry awards – an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony -- and if you’re John Legend, you mark this big-time honor and accomplishment by making “EGOT pancakes.”

After the singer and actor picked up an Emmy at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday for outstanding variety special for producing NBC’s “Jesus Christ Superstar, Live in Concert,” he came home and put it on a shelf alongside countless other glinty and prestigious awards.

Legend has won 10 Grammy awards, one Oscar (in 2015, when he and Common collected the best original song award for “Glory” from the movie “Selma”) and a Tony (in 2017, for co-producing the revival of August Wilson’s “Jitney”). He shared his EGOT moment with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, who won Emmys as the composer and lyricist for “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

“Perfect,” his wife, model, cookbook author and all-around appealing human Chrissy Teigen, breathily exclaims of the placement of the shiny new trophy in a post on her Instagram page.

Teigen took to Twitter just after midnight that night (OK, the next morning, if you’re being technical about it) to share how her man was “making pancakes.”

“What are you doing?” a hoarse-voiced Teigen asks Legend, as he efficiently moved through the kitchen.

“Making EGOT pancakes,” he replies.

“You got pancakes?!” she exclaims.

“EGOT pancakes,” he responds, as he measures the milk.

Honestly, does it get cuter than these two?

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