‘This Is Us’ Actress Sells Girl Scout Cookies at the SAG Awards, Is One Smart Cookie

Mackenzie Hancsicsak, 11, offered them to her fellow stars. And they bought some!

If the acting thing doesn’t work out long-term, Mackenzie Hancsicsak definitely has a future in sales. At the SAG Awards on Sunday night, Hancsicsak, who plays 10-year-old Kate on NBC’s “This Is Us,” took the opportunity to peddle some Girl Scout cookies – and ended up selling quite a few boxes.

Yeah, the enterprising actress is one smart cookie.

Her sales pitch started early and took full advantage of her social media visibility.

“Gearing up for SAG Awards!” Hancsicsak posted on Twitter, where she has 17,800 followers a couple of days ahead of last Sunday’s awards. “Look for me. I’ll be the one in a blue dress w/ @girlscouts thin mint cookies in my purse.”

She wasn’t kidding – about the cookies or the dress. Two days later, Hancsicsak shared a photo on her feed from the awards show itself. In it, she looks ravishing in blue and poses, next to costar Parker Bates, holding a box of Samoas.

“If anyone at @SAGawards wants some @girlscouts cookies, I’m at table 34!” she wrote.

How’d she do? Well, in addition to winning the SAG award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series alongside the rest of the “The Is Us” cast for the second year in a row and meeting Lady Gaga, Hanscicsak ended up selling about $500 worth -- or 100 boxes -- of cookies, according to PageSix.

"During the commercials and everything, since we had three tables, I got to go around and go from table to table," the actress later told ET Online.

But Hanscicsak is clearly not one to rest on her laurels. On Tuesday she posted another photo on her Instagram, noting that she was on her way to the “This Is Us” set, ready to sell with cookies in tow.

The TV star’s dedication did not escape the notice of the Girl Scouts.

“Even at the @SAGawards @MHancsicsak is a #CookieBoss,” Girl Scouts of Orange County tweeted on Wednesday. “Way to go Girl Scout!”

Yeah, way to go!

Photo courtesy of @mhancsicsak

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