A 6.6-Pound Tub of Nutella Can Now Be Yours

Costco’s selling a giant bucket of Nutella and people are psyched.

Costco is not known for selling items in modest amounts. (I once asked a friend if he’d like me to pick something up for him during a Costco run and he responded that he’d love one of those “ottomans of toilet paper.” So, you know …)

Yet while three-packs of aluminum foil, containers of dishwasher detergent that barely fit under the sink and sprawling flats of seltzer are certainly satisfying if you happen to need those things, few Costco offerings in recent memory have prompted such a broad outpouring of excitement as this: a 6.6-pound bucket of Nutella.

That is a lot of Nutella.

It’s unclear how long Costco has been selling the giant tub of Nutella – and no matter that at least one other online food-service supplier also sells it. People are clearly pumped.

“I hope your New Years resolution was to eat more Nutella, because Costco is selling a tub of Nutella that weighs almost 7 pounds (105.6 ounces) for $21.99 online because you can never have enough Nutella...” tweeted one hazelnut-cocoa-spread lover.

For perspective, a 7.7 oz. jar of Nutella will run you $2.59 at Target, which also offers jars of the sinfully sweet spread as large as 35.2 oz. ($8.85). But while the former will give you about five 2-tablespoon servings and the latter about 27 2-tablespoon servings, the Nutella tub at Costco, which costs $21.99, if you don’t count the $3 fee for 2-day delivery, offers an estimated 81 2-tablespoon servings.

I’m no math genius, but it looks to me that the 7.7 oz jar will cost about 52 cents per serving, the 35.2 oz jar will cost 33 cents, and the giant tub will cost about 27 cents per serving – so you’re cutting your per-serving Nutella cost almost in half here.

That means you can have twice as much, right? If only the calories were cut in half, too. Sigh.

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