Aldi’s Heart-Shaped Cheeses Set a New Bar for Romance

Boxes of chocolate? Not this year. It's all about cheese.

If you think Valentine’s Day gifts of cards, flowers and chocolates are cheesy, wait till you hear what the grocery chain Aldi is offering this year: a Valentine’s Day assortment of heart-shaped cheeses.

Because, really, is there a better way to say “I Love You” than with cheese?

The Happy Farms Preferred Valentine's Day Cheese Assortment, which costs only $3.99 and is available in limited quantities starting January 30, includes four cheeses, two of which have been packaged in the shape of a heart and in waxy, holiday-appropriate shades of red and maroon.

The two heart-shaped cheeses, clocking in at 5.29 oz each, are a mature cheddar “classic English cheese” and a Wensleydale with raspberries and white chocolate. (The latter lets you check the Valentine’s Day chocolate box in the midst of your moment of cheese.)

Small wheels of creamy cinnamon with raisins and diced apples and Wensleydale with sweet cranberries round out the sweet cheese collection.

Bottle of wine, box of inexpensive but impressively packaged grocery-store holiday cheeses (chocolate included), and thou. What else do you need for a perfect Valentine’s Day?

Photo courtesy of Aldi

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