Elf Meets Unicorn in Keebler’s New ‘Magic Cupcake’ Fudge Stripes

The sparkly rainbow unicorn trend is not over yet.

Proof that the rainbow- and sparkly-unicorn-themed food trend may still have a little magical life left in it: Keebler has released a “special batch” (read: limited edition?) of its classic Fudge Stripes cookies that puts those colorful, mythical themes front and center.

Unicorn Fudge Stripes cookies, spotted by snack food bloggers and Instagrammers and available in Walmart stores for $2.56 (also Kroger), are artificially flavored to taste like “Magic Cupcake,” according to the rainbow-hued, heavy-on-the-pink packaging, which features images of both a white unicorn with a flowing rainbow mane and your friendly neighborhood Keebler Elf.

“We Elves made these scrumptious cupcake-flavored cookies to celebrate the colorful splendor of unicorns,” reads a note on the package attributed to Ernie the Elf. “With multicolored sprinkles [baked into the shortbread cookie] and yummy white fudge stripes, every bite has the enchanting taste you’d expect from a cookie approved by unicorns!”

What might that unicorn-approved taste be? Well, the cookies have a “pretty strong cupcake-y kind of smell” right out of the package and a nice crunch, thanks to the sparkles, yet the vanilla flavor is remarkably “light,” according to one couple who taste-tested them on YouTube.

The taste may also not be unique to unicorns.

“A while back we reviewed the Birthday Cake Fudge Stripes, and they had sprinkles in them, too,” Tami Dunn, who reviewed the cookies with her husband, Kevin, said in the video. “They looked identical to this. They were just in a different color package. They were in a blue package … If I had the Birthday Cake here for comparison, I would say it’s the exact same cookie.”

They’re good, but “not a super flavorful cookie,” her husband Kevin weighed in.

On the other hand, Instagram snack-food maven snackfoodmafia, who spotted them on the shelves in late December, declared the cookies to be “delicious,” saying they do “justice” to the “great vanilla cake with vanilla frosting taste.”

“These do taste very much like a vanilla cupcake,” wrote junkfoodmom on Instagram.

“So yummy,” snack_food_diva opined.

Color me curious.

Photo courtesy of @snack_food_diva

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