Is There a Ketchup Holder Built Into Your Fry Box?

The jury is out, but it’s an interesting idea.

Has the flap on your McDonald’s French fry box been keeping a secret from you all these years?

A Twitter account called Today Years Old (@todayyearsoldig) appears to be dedicated to trying to blow your mind with things you maybe never realized … until just now.

Some of the feed’s revelations are kind of “duh”: You know the swoop under the IHOP logo turns the name into a smiley face, right?

Some are kind of “huh”: Is it deliberate that there’s a Hershey Kiss hidden in the negative space between the letters on the Hershey Kisses logo?

Some are definitely “nuh-uh”: There’s no way the sunglass holder in your car is “actually a taco holder.” Because … yuck.

But one of the site’s posts seems to have sparked a widespread, “WHA?!”: the startling assertion that the flap on a McDonald’s fry box actually doubles as a ketchup holder. (Just fold back the back flap of the box and squeeze the contents of your ketchup packet right on it – voila, ready for dipping.)

The Twitter feed’s fry-box hack has captured the attention of several websites as well as fast-food lovers on social media. The verdict from the latter has been mixed.

“Cool idea!” wrote one commenter.

“Oh Wow... I had no idea,” responded another.

But some commenters were less receptive to the idea.

One suggested the “purpose” of such a hack might actually be “To accidentally catapult ketchup all over your nice clean shirt?”

Another skeptic offered this quip: “Tried it myself and discovered this too; if you hold the box upside down, facing the light, close to your ear, bend the flap slowly and you will distinctly - Paul is the walrus.”

One in every crowd.

Photo courtesy of @todayyearsoldig

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